PM Resume Template


Not confident in your resume? Need a second opinion on what’s working and what’s not?

This audit service offers an honest, objective evaluation of your resume PLUS detailed suggestions for how to improve your document for new career opportunities. 

Resume Template Built For One Career – Project Managers

Don’t settle for generic templates!

Our resumes are not just blank canvases – they’re packed with Project Management-focused content and writing strategies to guide you toward success.

What’s Included?

  • Specifically Crafted for Project Managers
  • 2x ATS & Reader-Friendly Formats
  • Easily Editable Sections with Expert Writing Examples
  • Career Summary, Highlights, and Experience Tailored for Your Success

Free Project Manager Resume Writing Guide

Plus, get a FREE introductory resume writing guide!

Learn the mindset of writing resume bullets specifically for project managers to engage recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Writing Strategies & Mindset
  • Ideal Resume Lengths And Why
  • 10+ Tips With Examples On How To Stand Out
  • The Understanding Of ATS & Reader-Friendly Formats
  • Applying Even If You Do Not Match 100% Of Job Duties
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