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About Avalon Grade Solutions

At AGS, we do not consider ourselves as just another project management company; we are your dedicated partners in bringing your vision to reality. With years of experience in project management, we blend our expertise in technology, leadership, effective communication, and career development to ensure a brighter future for you. 

AGS is committed to empowering Small-Businesses, Veterans, and aspiring project managers with the tools, guidance, and support they need to excel and thrive. 


Our vision at AGS is a world where every project leads to growth and achievement, not just for businesses but for veterans and individuals shaping their careers in project management. Our vision extends beyond project completion; we aim to foster long-term relationships with long-term results.


Our approach at AGS is deeply rooted in understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client. We adopt a servant-leadership mindset, ensuring that we serve not just as consultants, but as partners in your journey. 

Why AGS Was Created

Founded by Joshua T. Banwart, a seasoned professional in IT and project management within the Air Force and as a Government Contractor, AGS was born out of a desire to fill a critical gap in the industry. Joshua recognized the need for a service that not only offers top-tier project management but also nurtures long-lasting growth for small-businesses and individuals. 

AGS was created to be more than a company; it’s a team devoted for small businesses, veterans transitioning to civilian roles, and individuals aspiring to make their mark in project management. This drive stems from Joshua’s own experiences and his commitment to giving back to the community, as so many have done for him.

Transform Your Future With Avalon Grade Solutions

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Our vision at AGS is to be the partner of choice for businesses seeking exceptional IT Integration Management Solutions. We aim to deliver unmatched value to our clients, turning their unique challenges into successful accomplishments through our professional and tailored services.


AGS represents a unique blend of experience, insight, and innovation. Our philosophy is centered on understanding the individual needs of our clients and providing solutions that yield results. We believe in creating and maintaining strong partnerships, enhancing client capabilities and propelling them towards their goals.


As a forward-thinking business, we leverage remote capabilities to offer flexible and responsive services. Our unique approach allows us to draw from a wide client pool, enabling us to continue to deliver high-quality services while reducing overhead costs. These savings result in more cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of service.

Value Driven

AGS carries a legacy of over a decade of experience, progressing projects worth over $25 million for the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Our greatest asset is the value we bring to our clients. We are passionate about delivering superior quality and exceptional service in every engagement. Our work is driven by our VALUE approach, which stands for Visionary, Agile, Leadership, Understanding, and Efficiency. Here’s what each component represents:


We align our vision with yours, creating a shared roadmap for the success of your projects. Our proactive approach ensures we have an eye on your long-term goals, mitigating future complications and keeping your projects moving forward.


We believe in the power of a hybrid approach, combining the best elements of agile and waterfall approaches. This allows us to remain adaptive, responsive, and flexible, ensuring your project stays relevant, on schedule, and within budget.


Our approach is rooted in servant leadership. Rather than just managing, we lead by fostering a sense of ownership among all stakeholders. We focus on empowering others, encouraging growth, development, and team cohesiveness.


We strive to comprehend your unique needs and objectives. Coupled with our understanding of government processes, document templates, and titles, this knowledge enables us to identify and mitigate risks proactively, ensuring no assumptions are left unaddressed.


Our commitment to efficiency means we optimize the use of resources, time, and budget. We aim to provide maximum productivity with minimal waste. Our streamlined processes and efficient planning ensure every dollar and every minute count.

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